Oral & Maxillofacial Care Testimonials in Mechanicsburg, PA

The following are unsolicited testimonials from our patients…


We do our best to inform our patients of their financial responsibility. Unfortunately, insurance companies can be unpredictable and often inconsistent with their payment policies.

Thank You letter for help with insurance.“My sincere thanks of the very kind Dr. Meyers & his exceptional staff.

I was dreading my extraction & it was practically a breeze.

Thank you—Amy, is it?—for stepping in to help with a billing issue with Delta & the Anesthesia group. You’re the best!”

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This patient has polio and had been told by several doctors that use of a C-PAP was inevitable. Using a TAP3 appliance has delayed and possibly eliminated the need for C-PAP.


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This patients found extractions to be easier than expected.


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